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A brief summary of six policy areas

I recently found this website, which has profiles for candidates standing in the 2015 general election. For party candidates, it gives a brief outline of their policies in six areas: The NHS, Economy and Taxes, Immigration, Benefits and Pensions, Rights and Crime, and Environment. Under my profile, it had nothing listed for these. I contacted the website and offered to provide the information, and they said that if I published my policies, then they could publish them on their site, but they would each have to be less than 400 characters. So, here they are:


Renationalise all parts of the NHS that have been privatised, and commit to keeping the NHS fully nationalised thereafter. Spend more on mental health to reduce longer-term economic and societal costs. Provide more public information to enable and encourage people to better look after their own health.

Economy and Taxes

End austerity measures by raising taxes for those who can afford it and clamping down on tax avoidance. Measure economic success in terms of wealth of individuals, particularly the poorest in society, rather than economic growth for its own sake. Reward companies for minimising the wage ratio between the highest and lowest paid employees.


Invest more in housing and infrastructure to cope with a growing population. Cooperate internationally to reduce global inequality so that we can create more reciprocal freedom-of-movement agreements with other countries without negative effects for any of the countries involved.

Benefits and Pensions

Introduce a Citizen’s Income – a guaranteed regular payment to all citizens regardless of circumstances. This would replace jobseekers’ allowance and would be paid for by changes to income tax brackets.

Scrap contributions-based state pensions, so that those who were unable to contribute as much in their working life do not have to suffer the consequences of this in their old age.

Rights and Crime

Have a full review of laws brought in under the umbrella of anti-terrorism legislation that may infringe on our civil liberties.

Reserve prison for criminals who pose a physical risk to society, and concentrate more on prevention and rehabilitation rather than punishment for its own sake. Remove the ban on prisoners voting.


Renationalise energy so that we can commit to spending more on renewable energy and reducing fossil fuel use without worrying about profit. Renationalise public transport and commit to providing a better service to reduce congestion on the roads, carbon emissions and pollution in general.