Half-term report

This post is a slightly more informal discussion about how the blog is going so far and to discuss future plans. I’ve had a few conversations with people about my topics of discussion and how relevant they are. I started out with certain things that I wanted to address. While I think they are all important areas, it was never simply a case of just posting on all the topics that get the most publicity. We have 650 MPs, and it makes sense for them to have their own areas of interest to have every area covered, rather than every single one purely interested in the “main” topics such as the economy, health and education.

For example, I want to abolish the monarchy. The fact that it’s not a major talking point for most people doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t address it. I’m here to make it clear where I stand and what issues I find important, and people can then decide whether I hold the same principles as them. There are always lots of important issues that need addressing urgently, but this shouldn’t be at the expense of long-term visions such as how we think our democracy should in principle be run. Politics isn’t just about papering over the current cracks or “fire-fighting”.

There are indeed important areas that I haven’t said anything on so far. For example, I have not currently posted about the NHS. While I am in favour of the NHS’s continued existence, and would want to reduce waiting list times, and I’m against any sort of privatisation, this is all very general, and at the moment I don’t really have anything new to add to the subject. However, this may change when I look into it in more detail. I am generally posting about things that I think I have a particular angle on. But if you generally agree with my ideologies, then even if I haven’t posted on a specific subject, I would hope that you would trust me to support legislation that you would find sensible, even if I might not attempt to instigate anything myself in that particular area. But there are many areas that I haven’t yet addressed but still intend to do so. It is early days. Many independent candidates stand on a single issue, and while this is not what I am doing, it would be quite difficult for an independent to have a well-thought-out official policy in every area.

On standing as an independent, I said in my first post that I was going to stand either as an independent or for my own party. I now think it is more likely that I will stand as an independent. However, if anyone wanted to stand in a different constituency on the same issues, it might be worth forming a party.

People have asked why I don’t simply support the Green Party. I want to freely present the ideas I believe in, which I would not do if I was just supporting the Green Party, or indeed any established party. For example, I have already strongly disagreed with the Green Party on their policy of requiring their leader and deputy leader to be of opposite sex.  For me this is quite a big deal and very disappointing, as I stated in the earlier post, and I would struggle to support a party that has such a policy. Of course, if I succeed in getting people to vote for me, a lot of these people might otherwise have voted Green, so I could be damaging the prospects of the party that is arguably ideologically closest to me. And while one could argue that I am not a realistic winner in the Braintree constituency, they aren’t either, so by splitting their vote, nothing material is likely to be lost. But this is also why I think it is important to change the electoral system. It’s not right that people should be put off standing because of the inadequate electoral system we have.  So to be clear, I still fully intend to stand for election next year in the Braintree constituency.

I said at the start of this blog in December 2013 that I planned to do at least one post a week on average, but it seems that this was a bit optimistic. This is the 15th post in the just over six months since I started, which isn’t exactly one a week, but I don’t think the rate has been too bad. The most important thing is that I am able to get my policy ideas across in time for the general election, and I am on course to do that. The plan is to get most of my detailed posts on specific issues done with a few months to spare, and then in the remaining months, I will post more summaries, putting everything together from the previous posts, and generally prepare for the general election. I also intend to look into some local issues relevant to the Braintree constituency. Most of my reasons for wanting to stand are to do with my ideologies at a national level, but not exclusively so, and I want to discuss things such as the poor public transport in the Braintree area. So it will be largely more of the same for the next few months before I start to prepare in earnest for the general election probably early in the new year.

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