Abolish the monarchy

As I watch the news of William, Kate and George visiting Australia and New Zealand, I wonder to myself “Why should we care about this? What is so special about these people?” The answer is that they are from the arbitrarily designated family that have been chosen to be the special family. I’m not going to beat about the bush. I think it’s time that we did away with the monarchy. It’s an outdated concept from a time before we were a democratic nation, and yet it has somehow managed to cling on to existence.

The monarchy is a fundamentally undemocratic concept, with people just born into royalty. Of course, some people would argue that the majority of people are in favour of a monarchy, making it democratic. But there has been no referendum or any sort of official public vote to confirm this, so regardless of whether most people are actually in favour, it doesn’t make it any more democratic. We could vote for the current system to remain (if we ever got the chance), but for there to be real democracy, this could not be binding forever. There would have to be other chances to vote on this matter in the future. A one-off vote on a subject followed by a permanently closed door is not democracy. To be as democratic as other nations, we would need to have the chance to vote on the matter as often as they elect their heads of state.

So, what would I replace the monarchy with? People often assume that I’d have a president as a replacement head of state. Well, actually I wouldn’t. It might be the done thing to have some sort of head of state, but this doesn’t make it essential. The monarch doesn’t make any important decisions, but mostly just meets people, either in this country or abroad. We don’t need someone with a title as lofty as “head of state” to do this. There are no particular skills required for head of state. Anyone could do it, which is why we can safely use the current “selection” process. One possibility for this glorified meeting and greeting role would be for it to be given out to different people on different occasions using a lottery system. Anyone could take part, so anyone could have the opportunity to meet these people from other countries. This is just one possibility, and not an idea that I’m particularly committed to. But I think it sounds quite fun, while at the same time making a statement that we don’t consider some people to be fundamentally better or more important than anyone else, and it’s probably as good an idea as any, and certainly better than what we have now.

The lottery winners wouldn’t have as many roles as the Queen currently has, however, since many of these roles don’t need to exist, such as the Queen’s speech, opening Parliament,  and signing off legislation. These are just outdated ideas that happen to have continued through time, but that we have no need for. For example, take the Queen’s speech: it seems absurd to me that she should be reading out the aims of the current government of the day. They’re perfectly capable of doing it themselves, and don’t need some sort of puppet (who is supposed to be politically neutral) to do it for them.

The monarchy is a discriminatory idea, and flies in the face of the drive towards equality. How can one argue on one hand how unfair it is that those from rich and privileged families get more opportunities, while on the other hand argue to keep the monarchy? Of course, the joke is that people have in all seriousness successfully argued for a change in the law so that females are not discriminated against in terms of succession to the throne. This would mean that had William and Kate’s firstborn been a girl, she would not have been demoted down the line of succession by any later born males. This ignores the fact that the monarchy is the epitome of discrimination, so really what difference does it make in the grand scheme of things if males are favoured over females within such a discriminatory system? No-one is more deserving than anyone else, so either way involves favouring some arbitrary undeserving individual over another arbitrary undeserving individual.

What about the economic benefits that the monarchy brings to the country? It’s hard to get an objective answer to this. The royal family arguably costs us £180 million a year when everything is factored in. It’s impossible to measure the exact amount that it gains for the country through e.g. tourism, but this money generally goes to people who run gift shops or other tourism-related companies. It doesn’t generally go to “us” as a whole, even if some may come back through tax. So even if there are people that overall cash in on the Queen, it doesn’t mean that we all do. In any case, my argument against the monarchy is not economic. Sometimes there are more important things to consider: things such as equality, democracy, fairness, and generally not giving an arbitrary family privileges most people could only dream of through a mere accident of birth. Of course, while we do still have the monarchy, the amount of money spent on the Royal Family needs to be cut. There’s no need for us taxpayers to keep them in such luxury, whatever economic benefits they might bring.

I’ve already argued that there should be no official titles, so this is just a logical extension of that. It’s time this country grew up.

2 thoughts on “Abolish the monarchy”

  1. Hi Toby! This article is so sweet in it’s ignorance… and please believe me this is not intended to be an insult! Unless you have escaped the UK & travelled the world for many years you have no way of knowing the real truth of who these people are, or how they got where they are. There are so many glaring errors in your understanding of the world it’s hard to know where to begin… (and NB – it’s actually illegal to call for the abolition of the monarchy – http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2013/dec/13/calling-abolition-monarchy-illegal-uk-justice-ministry). Also why on earth would you want to stand for the 2015 general election – what a waste of time & energy that would be (see point 1 below) You can’t fight THE SYSTEM from within the system 🙂

    I hope you don’t mind but I’d like to point out that the following 2 quotes from your article are factually incorrect.

    1. “It’s an outdated concept from a time before we were a democratic nation” hahahaha – Sorry Toby, but we are in no way a democratic nation. That’s just what the ignorant masses are led to believe to keep them under control. Votes count for nothing. There is no way the ruling elite would ever allow the minions to really have a say in what is going on (imperialism across the Middle East). Google Edward Bernays democracy for more info on this.

    2. “The Monarch doesn’t make any important decisions, but mostly just meets people” baaahahaha! You could not be more wrong I’m afraid. This is not some doddery 80 year old bravely carrying out her visits, but the most wealthy & powerful unelected figurehead in the world, who decides daily what laws can and cannot be passed. She is for example the only person who can declare when the country is at war, and when the war is over. It is a mistake, however, to get caught up in attacking this family alone. To get to the root of the issue you have to know how they got there in the first place, and who for example the Q’s grand vizier is (this is a very important question… clue: HIS family have accumulated more than half the entire wealth of the planet!), why a three city-state empire exists with it’s ‘own’ laws (and an obe1isk in each one), and who is really running the show. The 5 hour doc explains it all. It’s a low budget film that is v long & needs your full attention as it contains a huge amount of information, so do bear that in mind. If you have not researched any of this before it will probably blow your mind… but please don’t reject it purely on that basis, & watch it through to the end. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-iedPkmRRY

    Anyway I shouldn’t be writing about any of this online… if I die in a car accident one day you’ll know why 😉

    * NB: I am not in any way suggesting we should get rid of this family, as this is illegal so I would never do that. I am purely interested in finding out the Truth about the world I live in.

    More background info below:





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